Stitch Library: The Quaker Stitch (Video)

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It’s time to pull back the big red velvet curtain and reveal my first foray into film…well, video tutorials that is!

Many students have asked me about online stitch tutorials, but I I was always a bit wary of how to go about filming (and making tutorials of any kind can be a big undertaking), but I knew that this format would be the next best thing to being able to sit down together one-on-one. After all, KHG Arts is dedicated to keeping this kind of knowledge alive, so it only makes sense to share resources like these in an open and convenient manner.

There was no question in my mind about which stitch I would choose to feature first though—it had to be the Quaker stitch. Why? Well, it’s one I love working, find very useful, and yet, can find next to nothing about on the internet. I’ve also included it in my Hand Lettered Alphabet Sampler so now anyone who is stitching up this pattern can see it in action. Want to find out even more nifty things about this stitch? Watch the video!

As I mentioned, this is my first time shooting and editing video (you know, if you don’t count all those times I tried to capture our cats on film…), so go easy on me and know that I will continue to hone my skills. I welcome your feedback and hope you will leave any questions or comments below.


To find out more about the history of the quaker stitch, I encourage you to explore these links:

Quaker Tapestry Website

The Quaker Tapestry on Wikipedia

In pictures: Quaker tapestry on show at Blackburn Cathedral

Quakers in Stitches: The Quaker Tapestry—A Community Embroidery for Storytelling and Celebration

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  1. Thank you very clear instructions you make it look easy

  2. Great tutorial thanks

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