This is a lap-sized quilt I made using Japanese fabrics I’d carefully collected with a velveteen back for the depths of February in New England. Since one frugal household really only needs a certain number of quilts, I decided to make a special one for each season or holiday. I’ve never being into Valentine’s Day, but the thought of something bright for this time of year appealed nonetheless and I enjoyed the challenge of trying to come up with something that was not overtly saccharine.

The design is my improv-take on a traditional “log cabin” block featuring a fussy-cut illustrated fabric in heavily saturated tones for the center of each block, which then works out towards complementary low-volume abstract prints. The illustrated piece of fabric in the center of each block references an idea, place, thing, or person that is near and dear to me and the blocks alternate between pink and black for maximum contrast.

  • Project Type Quilting
  • Techniques Machine improv pieced
  • Design My own
  • Date Current Work in Progress