Patchwork by Hand at the Ipswich Museum

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As someone with a foot in the worlds of historic and modern textiles, I find great value in being able to draw connections between the two and have long dreamed of being able to teach a class within a museum setting that incorporated modern DIY spirit and materials alongside traditional techniques and historic examples.

I’m pleased to be able to tell you that this dream will now be a reality! I will be teaching a new course as part of the Ipswich Museum‘s Dow Arts Program that starts later this September. The class is called “Patchwork by Hand” and in it, students will be introduced to the fundamentals of hand quilting by creating a baby-sized quilt as they learn to piece, baste, quilt, and bind it by hand. Additionally, we’ll be exploring some of the quilts and sewing related instruments in the Ipswich Museum’s collections for a unique perspective on the history of the art form and it’s importance in New England.

All too often, contemporary practice and historic collections are viewed separately as disparate things, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. In exploring them together, students have the opportunity for a very rich understanding of the nature and value of hand sewing; of the power and peace there is to be found in taking up needle and thread to create something that is both uniquely beautiful, charmingly imperfect, and essential in its usefulness as a finished object.

For students coming from the north shore, I would recommend Loom N Shuttle or Sew Creative as great places to purchase your supplies for class. If in the Boston area, you could also head to JP Knit & Stitch, Fabric Place Basement, Gather Here, or Mercer’s Fabric.

The class begins on September 20th and runs through October 25th, meeting on Tuesday evenings from 6:30–8:30pm. A full description and registration info can be found on my website’s calendar. If you’re on the north shore and interested, I invite you to check it out and join us! You can regis

TO REGISTER: email or call the museum directly at 978-356-2811



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