Welcome to KHG Arts

Welcome to KHG Arts

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Hello and welcome to the KHG Arts blog!

As the founder and principal here at KHG Arts, I am thrilled to finally be able to combine my interests in textiles and museums under one umbrella. For several years, I have worked with art, material culture, textile, and historic museum and gallery collections in New England and the Mid-Atlantic region as a collections manager and exhibit specialist. I also nurtured a a micro-business of my own designing and selling embroidery patterns featuring contemporary design and traditional craftsmanship. Upon recently graduating with my MLA in museum studies, I knew the time was right to consolidate these interests as an independent specialist. As a result, I am able to bring my passions and expertise together in a way that allows me to concentrate on the kind of projects and partnerships I find so valuable.

I believe that understanding and nurturing the art forms and craftsmanship related to the objects we see in museums is invaluable. Doing so allows museum professionals to better preserve and exhibit the pieces under their care. It also allows them to reach audiences in new ways and provide communities with powerful, hands-on tools for engagement—both within the museum and as empowering life skills that go beyond museum walls.

I’ll be using this space to share more thoughts about the power and use of objects, the value of craftsmanship, and creative methods for making, sharing, understanding, and preserving the textiles that play such such vital roles in the world. I hope you’ll chime in by leaving a comment and invite you to contact me if you are interested in my services as a lecturer, instructor, textile artist, historian, or collections care specialist.



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