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Adventures in summer stitching.

I have a new pattern in development (that I hope to reveal later this month!), but was really itching to make something fun and tangible for the shop in the meantime. I’ve collected embroidered travel badges for my backpack since I was a kid and love their vintage vibe; the way they serve as a simple but special memento of places and memories from our wanderings.

I stitched up the three circular badges with outdoor and exploration themes that are near and dear to me (as a girl scout drop out, I was insanely jealous of all the kids who went on to achieve epic badge status), and then decided to go all in and made a bunch of mini pennants too. Because carbs! donuts! books! all the good things! It was fun to come up with color palettes for them and I kind of want to make a ton more with all the funny things I can think up that have nothing to do with traditional sports pennants.


Show your team spirit!

I love these and hope you do to! Hopefully they inspire your own summer ramblings and hobbies (yes, cheese can be a hobby). They are ready to ship and you can find them in my shop.

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