Dressing for Show

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Lunch included time to walk the grounds which boasts incredible views looking out and away from the oceanfront property. In May I had the honor of presenting at Dressing for Show—a special NEMA workshop held at Rough Point—Doris Duke’s oceanfront … Continued

Hitting the Refresh Button

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  In 2008, I began selling handmade home goods on Etsy. It was a great way to stretch my creative muscles while experimenting with different materials and ideas. It’s been a wild crash course in being a maker and entrepreneur! … Continued

Hari-Kuyo—A Memorial to Broken Needles

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My broken needles from this past year—apparently more than I would have thought!   A few years ago I began reading about the Japanese Buddhist/Shinto festival day called Hari-Kuyo, also known as the “needle mass,” or “pin festival.” In some … Continued

The Hand Lettered Alphabet Sampler

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  Samplers have a long and rich history, exhibiting different styles and functions according to the culture, place, and time they were made in. In Mamluk Egypt, artisans used samplers to show potential customers various stitches and patterns they could … Continued

Active Spaces, Active Museums

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It’s been interesting to see the kind of content museums are sharing during this year’s #museumweek and how they’re using this as an opportunity to celebrate their roles and connect with audiences anew. Each day has had a themed hashtag, … Continued

Welcome to KHG Arts

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Hello and welcome to the KHG Arts blog! As the founder and principal here at KHG Arts, I am thrilled to finally be able to combine my interests in textiles and museums under one umbrella. For several years, I have … Continued

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