What Does Craftivism Look Like Now?

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Me and Mckenzie Mullen @emtothethird knitting our fingers off before the march.   Happy International Women’s Day! As I join many in donning my pussyhat in honor of this day, it seems like a fitting moment to revisit and reflect … Continued

Explore More.

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Adventures in summer stitching. I have a new pattern in development (that I hope to reveal later this month!), but was really itching to make something fun and tangible for the shop in the meantime. I’ve collected embroidered travel badges … Continued

Dressing for Show

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Lunch included time to walk the grounds which boasts incredible views looking out and away from the oceanfront property. In May I had the honor of presenting at Dressing for Show—a special NEMA workshop held at Rough Point—Doris Duke’s oceanfront … Continued

Hitting the Refresh Button

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  In 2008, I began selling handmade home goods on Etsy. It was a great way to stretch my creative muscles while experimenting with different materials and ideas. It’s been a wild crash course in being a maker and entrepreneur! … Continued

Hari-Kuyo—A Memorial to Broken Needles

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My broken needles from this past year—apparently more than I would have thought!   A few years ago I began reading about the Japanese Buddhist/Shinto festival day called Hari-Kuyo, also known as the “needle mass,” or “pin festival.” In some … Continued

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